Stages Activities
Stage 1 1st EOGM

To elect Collective Sale Committee (CSC) by way or Ordinary Resolutions

To empower the CSC to act in accordance with the items in the list “Powers, Duties & Functions”

Stage 2 Regular CSC Meetings

To appoint Marketing Agent / lawyer

To confirm the Reserve Price / Sale Proceeds Apportionment Method and Contents of Collective Sales Agreement (CSA)

Stage 3 2nd EOGM – 1st October 2017

To present the appointment of Lawyer / Marketing Agent

To approve Collective Sales Agreement (CSA) To approve Reserve Price / Sale Proceeds Apportionment / Contents of CSA

Signing of CSA starts immediately after the close of the 2nd EOGM

Stage 4 Obtaining minimum 80% signing in CSA (both 80% SV & 80% SA)
Stage 5 Pre-tender owners’ meeting
Stage 6 Public Tender
Stage 7 Award of Tender and/or Private Treaty Negotiation
Stage 8 Post-tender owners’ meeting

(to be held within 10 weeks after close of public tender)

Stage 9 Strata Titles Board application, if necessary
Stage 10 Legal Completion + Max 6 months rent-free stay