Jurong Lake District

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“JLD will take may decades to realise – at least 2040 and beyond. ……… similar to how Jurong was turned into an industrial powerhouse 50 years ago, JLD is set to transform the west of Singapore once again.”

The Challenges

Developer has to sell all units on this land (Ivory Heights) within 5 years or they will be taxed heavily?

There are intense competition in the enbloc sale market, especially from the Freehold land?

The Government Land Sales (GLS) have yet to come in full force for Jurong Lake District. The increase supply will affect Ivory Heights future enbloc

Common Misconception

There is still time before the CSA expires in September

En-bloc, land sales may almost double number of unsold new private homes in pipeline: URA data (Q4, 2017. ST)

Market DON’T wait for us… the developer will STOP buying when they have filled up their land bank and we are facing a lot of land sale competition from Freehold enbloc


Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

H Jackson Brown Jr

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance

George Bernard Shaw

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Dear Owners, the signing percentage shown includes those which are in the cooling-period as well as those incomplete signatures.

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We are at the last lap and very close to the minimum consent level.

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Official 4-weekly Notices




What is Enbloc Sale

A Collective Sales, also known as Enbloc sales, is a sale of two or more property units to a single common purchaser. Whilst smaller collective sales often take place, the best-known example is the iconic grand-scale, full-development sales that you may often come across in newspaper headlines.

Enbloc Sales in Singapore is governed by the Land Titles (strata) Act which clearly defines how a Collective Sales Committee (CSC) is to be formed, how the sales is to be conducted and many other issues pertaining to a lawful conduct for such an exercise.

Why Enbloc Sale?

One of the main reasons is the high potential for profits. In land-scarce Singapore, property prices are generally on the uptrend over a long time horizon and enbloc sales uncover the intrinsic value of the land or un-used plot ratio and which give the Subsidiary Proprietors (SP) a higher selling price than the market value.

But bear in mind that enbloc sales is always forward-pricing and therefore sellers always face the risk of over-pricing their estate and miss the favourable enbloc cycle

Other reasons for wanting an enbloc sales could be:

  • Aging property
  • High maintenance
  • Decreasing land tenure for 99-year leasehold property (higher lease top-up premium)
  • Preserving investment value
  • Legacy Planning
  • To change to smaller units for retirement planning

…. etc

How Can Enbloc Sale Happen?

  • The Collective Sale Committee (CSC) was elected during the First Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (1st EOGM) on 8th July 2017.
  • Soon after that, the CSC embarked on the process of selecting the Marketing Agent and Lawyer to move progress the enbloc sale.
  • The CSC, SLP International and Eldan Law soon came together to discuss important matters such as Reserve Price, Sale Proceeds Apportionment and the contents of the Collective Sale Agreement (CSA) and etc
  • There were numerous CSC meetings held to discuss these matters and upon reaching a consensus within the CSC, the decision to call the 2nd EOGM was made and the date for the EOGM was confirmed on 1st October 2017
  • All SP will receive the 2nd EOGM notice package which contains the CSA.
  • All SP are invited to attend the 2nd EOGM to vote for the Sale Proceeds Apportionment and also the contents of the CSA.
  • The effort to garner the 80% support will start immediately after the 2nd EOGM